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"Off season" - Team CBA
Preparations for the new season really started and the first week of training with Team CBA is there again, so it's time to give you an update

I had a great 'holiday' had. I'm not really left, but when you live so close to the mountains, is not really necessary. I've stayed in shape by skiing, hiking to the tops of mountains, Telemark skiing, jogging, cycling (spinning) and a bit of strength training. In other words, my condition is retained after the season. After Easter began training again for 100% percent. As you all been reading, I have left the union group (not for the national team, as some think) and just switched to a private team, Team CBA, led by Peter Mueller (see my previous blog for more info on...
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Written on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 by Hege Bøkko

I finally have made my decision. I’ll get out of the union group and go to Team CBA. I have a contract for next season with an option for extension until 2013/2014. My brother Håvard also goes to the team, where head Coach Peter Mueller will be and also there will be a great support team and several other skaters.

It's a difficult decision but it was taken after a long process with the central question: What I think I need to use my full potential and to be the world's best skater.

It is no secret that I am a very close and had good relationship with Peter since he invited me for the national team as 16 year old in the spring of 2008. I trusted him 100% as a trainer and he had full trust is in me as a skater. That made sure I was relaxed and I could...
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Written on Wednesday, 6 April 2011 by Hege Bøkko

Highs and lows

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Much has happened since my last blog. I have many races and a couple were good and some bad. The Allround World Championships in Calgary was an encouraging weekend for me. I was very pleased with the 500m - 39.05 and new Norwegian record. I also rode a new personal record in the 1500m and Norwegian and 3km but cannot say I was very happy with those two races. I had hoped and expected at times and slightly better performance, but look at what I've shown this season, I will be satisfied! Record is record.

While the rest of the team travelled to Salt Lake City, Lunde Sverre Pedersen and I began the trip to our house to prepare for the Junior Worlds. I was home a few days before I travelled to Bergen, to train...
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Ready for the World Allround Championships

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Yes, It has been a while since my last update. When I wrote the last I was in Moscow and was ready for another World Cup. In short, it was an uplifting weekend, where more and more things came into place, and I did some good races. I was especially pleased with the 1500m, where I finally got it under the magic 2.00. It was wonderful to feel again that it is technically more correct, and many went well during the race. The 1000m one day later, well, not great but I take the positive things of that race along. Later that day I was back at the start, along with Ida and Mari, and it was time for the team pursuit. It had been a while since we had specifically trained, but we showed that we still had good opportunities for a good time to ride, and we did. 3:03,02 A new Norwegian record what was...
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NC and WC Sprint

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Now it's time for a little update. It's too long since my last blog, but I find that I'm not super motivated to write something if everything is not quite as desired. But I'll try to give updates to write regardless of how it goes.

After the European Championships I was home a few days before I again travelled to Arendal, where the Nationals Sprint Championship was held. I won all four distances and became Norwegian sprint champion. It where quite heavy conditions, with snow, rain and wind, but beyond that it was a good championship with a good organization. In total, I was more than 13 hours in the car, so much travel for only 3000m in total, but I felt it appropriate to NC to make myself deserving of a World Cup sprint ticket, and got it.

After another day...
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20 Jan - Norwegian sprint Champion and ready for the WC Sprint!
14 Jan - Fanzone registration possible again
16 Dec - Many changes to the site and forum
12 Dec - New: Fanzone has a forum!
30 Nov - World Cup in Hamar

22 May - "Off season" - Team CBA
06 Mar - Highs and lows
12 Feb - Ready for the World Allround Championships
27 Jan - NC and WC Sprint
05 Jan - Collalbo
31 Dec - NC and Christmas are over
12 Dec - New: Fanzone has a forum!
07 Dec - Club LaSanta - Lanzarote

Personal Records

500m: 39,05 (Calgary - 12 February 2011)
1000m: 1:16,43 (Salt Lake - 13 December 2009)
1500m: 1:57,91 (Calgary - 13 February 2011)
3000m: 4:12,81 (Calgary - 12 February 2011)
5000m: 7:42,10 (Stavanger - 06 November 2011)

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